Thursday, 13 April 2017

ISRAEL, life changing trip.

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Shalom, Mashlom Ha? Beseder! I just got back from Israel and on the trip I did a tour of the HOLY Land as we are approaching Passover and Easter. Walking the Via De la Rosa where Jesus carried his cross, recorded in all history, being at the sea of Galilee where Peter reportedly walked on water and then sank because he doubted and seeing the temple where Moses sacrificed (or was about to) his son blew my mind. We bathed and baptised in the River Jordan, stayed in a Kibbutz on the Syrian border where we had an amazing shabbat, Bet Shein, saw the Temple of King David and more. We saw the room of the famous 'Last Supper' and the sermon on the mount.
Some of the holy sites have become a source of income for non believers and believers. I found the church in Bethlehem which is in Palestine profoundly beautiful but insanely busy and people were pushing and shoving for selfies of the birth place of Jesus. I had to stand back for a minute and breathe..... what would Jesus be thinking right now?!
I made some friends from all around the world and I was so thankful to have my mum on the tour with me. Turning 30 was the perfect opportunity for me to go on this trip as it's somewhere I have dreamed of visiting. I recommend it, if you are a historian, lover of art, exploring your faith or religious, this trip is perfect. It's also an hour from Cyprus which I go to a lot!
So as I return to work, completely transformed and in awe, I will remember that life is bigger than we are, that God is faithful and answers prayers.
Whatever you want in life, it really is yours if you truly believe it. I wish you every success, thanks for reading this and have a very Happy Easter.

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