Friday, 9 December 2016

Drama Showcase / Metro UK / Memory Bank / Latest Interview Talent TV

Ms Biddulph, Serious Money CAROL Churchill 

 Last weekend I had an acting showcase infront of a live audience & agency. I played the characters P.R. Ms Biddulph and Peruvian Jacinta Condor which was fun! We performed at the Pleasance Theatre in Islington. 

Wembley Carols Hillsong was recently in the Metro newspaper! 3.30 and 7PM have sold out! Get your tickets HERE

Reflecting on past gigs and rehearsals and found some photos! (See collage below!)

Latest Interview with Stuart from Talent TV Below- thanks to the New London Cafe.

Very thankful to be living the dream, pursuing performing, teaching and changing lives but still growing as an Artist. Those who CAN teach AND Do. 

Full Cast - Identity Intermediate Advanced 1 - Pleasance Theatre 6/12/2016
Hillsong Carols in the Metro Newspaper 1/12/2016
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